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Music from my heart and lyrics from my brain.

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Dave Cahill is a incredibly gifted singer, songwriter, musician and producer who at the ripe age of 30, has composed and published six albums of original music and has played over a thousand live performances in his young life.  He is a passionate vocalist with a dynamic understanding of  songwriting, not to mention an accomplished, monster of a guitar player, spirited entertainer and exciting performer.  Born in 1983, Dave grew up in rural New Jersey with his nurturing and supportive musical family that helped him grow quickly and develop creatively as an artist.  Dave’s music blends a number of genres together including folk, gypsy jazz, punk rock, and progressive rock to varying lengths and with impressive control – especially the guitar work, which is not only very intricate, but quite obviously labored and loved.  He is a powerful and refreshing sonic force, that demolishes boundaries and seems to be unstoppable…not bad for someone who hasn’t even turned 30.


Dave Cahill, as a solo musician, performs with his acoustic guitar and utilizes his mastery of live looping technology skills to create a gigantic, layered sound that has had people paying attention for a decade now.  He has composed and published two solo albums, “QUIVER, READER” (2003) & “THE HUDDLED MASSES” (2006) and plans on releasing a third along with his first live album in 2012.  Dave has performed with such seasoned musical veterans as Dave Matthews’ guitarist Tim Reynolds, Jorma Kaukonen, Bernie Worell, Andy Waldeck, Joe Lawlor, and many others.


Dave Cahill’s band, THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES are a unique and intensifying, 3 piece post-apocalyptic progressive rock band that pushes the boundaries through an array of compelling original songs dynamic sounds. Based out of Frenchtown, NJ. and The Lehigh Valley, PA., Front man Dave Cahill‘s blazing guitar work combined with his rhythmic and socially conscience lyrics, produce a passionate dimension of sound.  Alongside the creative and concussive grooves of drummer, Ryan Decker, and the solid and melodic bass attack of Nathan Powell, THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES, have launched an unforgettable and driving original sound.


Their relentless schedule of recording and performing has resulted in the release of three albums, “FASCISTS TO ASHES“ (2008), “HOPE-NOSIS” (2009) & “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES“ (2011), numerous tours and professional music videos, and contributions of original music to multiple film soundtracks.  THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES have also already begun work on their fourth original studio album, to be released in 2013.



Through their explosive live performances the band has found itself in the local spotlight, gaining critical acclaim from audiences of all demographics, and has garnered the attention of producer Brian Herman from SMT Studios in Manhattan, resulting in their latest offering “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES“, released in August of 2011.  “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES” is a electrifying concept album that combines a variety of musical genres such as rock, jazz, punk and experimentation into a mind expanding musical piece that asks a lot of big questions about the Universe and our place in it.  Recorded with the help of producer, Brian Herman, this 13 track album is by far the band’s best and most ambitious effort thus far.  The album is available for purchase in digital format on iTunes, and physical copies can be purchased at the lives shows and on www.thealmightyterribles.com.



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