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oldschoolDave Cahill began playing music at the rebellious age of 13 thanks to a nurturing and supportive musical family.  Writing quickly became a passion of Dave’s as he taught himself how to operate a multitude of hand-me-down multi-track recording devices and composed countless instrumental pieces.  Although at this time, Dave did not sing, he did seem to create a vast and expanding library of original music, even writing the music for other vocalists to write words for.  By the time Dave turned 18 years old, he released his first album, “Quiver, Reader,” a collection of experimental instrumental songs that he composed and recorded all on his own.

Dave began performing solo acoustic shows and played these songs live to an audience of friends and interested music lovers alike.  Implementing live looping technology, his unique, Django Reinhardt inspired “gypsy” style and young age, amazed onlookers across everywhere he went.  His friends Alex Radus & Maria Woodford from the band, Duende, took Dave under their wing and allowed him to perform his solo set at many of Duende’s live shows from 2003 to 2006.

FOOLZIn 2004, Dave joined a new, eight-piece experimental live trance band, FOOLZ, after a chance meeting with drummer, Ryan Decker.  FOOLZ focused primarily on sonic improvisation and putting on a different live show each night.  With Dave’s shredding guitar work combined with Ryan’s phenomenal drumming and the rest of the talented members, they shook the foundation of every venue they visited.  FOOLZ performed dozens of shows all over the east coast, creating a large and dedicated fan base.  Some of the live shows were recorded and are available on the Live Recordings page of this website.  After a few years of playing live with FOOLZ, Dave decided it was time to leave the band so he could focus on his own compositions, style and sound.  Although this was the end of FOOLZ for Dave, he and drummer, Ryan Decker stayed in contact over the years, even after Ryan moved out to Colorodo to pursue music.  Little did either of them know that even with spending years and a thousands of miles apart, one day their friendship and musical bond would blossom into something far more extraordinary then either of them would have ever guessed.


THE HUDDLED MASSESToward the end of 2005, Dave, his brother Rich Cahill and bassist Myke Tarlazzi began work on Dave’s next album, later to be titled, “The Huddled Masses”.  This album began as a small collection of instrumental pieces that quickly turned into an epic variety of musical styles, genres and emotions.  “The Huddled Masses” also showcased the vocal talents of Andy Waldeck, Jessi Teich and Alex Radus.  They all lent their creative singing abilities to the album, and this would be instrumental album, now had a voice all its own.  The 16 track album, “The Huddled Masses”, was released in the summer of 2006 and is still considered to be one of Dave’s best works.  This album would set Dave on a creative course that couldn’t seem to be stopped.  This is when the first seeds were planted that would later become, THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES.

THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES was formed by Dave Cahill, Rich Cahill and Myke Tarlazzi, originally performing the instrumental songs off of “The Huddled Masses”.  After being frustrated with looking for just the right singer, Dave decided it was time to begin singing and take the band to the next level.  For years Dave shied away from singing, but after seeing friend and mentor Tim Reynolds sing after a long history of performing instrumentally, Dave now had the inspiration necessary to begin exercising his vocal cords.  Luckily, Dave was already a seasoned songwriter, and he had very little trouble speaking his mind and compiling lyrics and about love, life and the infinite complexities of our everyday surroundings.  Dave began writing music and lyrics every day, covering a range of topics that included personal experience and international struggles.

After a year of performing live with Rich and Myke, the band decided to take a break.  This break didn’t last very long and Myke and Dave began traveling to friend Shahn Wilson’s home in the Poconos to record the songs Dave had been working on in the late winter of 2007.  This was a very wonderful and educational experience, and thanks to the kind nature of Shahn and his family, they completed a monstrous album during those cold winter months.  They tried many different forms of experimentation and recording techniques on a variety of old and sometimes malfunctioning equipment, but they were able to capture a unique sound that seemed to come across as refreshing in the digital age.  After many takes, many months and a hard drive crash, the album was finally complete and released in May of 2008.  Titled, “Fascists to Ashes,” this was the first album to feature Dave as the lead singer.  This was the moment he had been waiting for, the time to open up and let the world know what was on his mind.  As soon as the album was released, Dave and Myke asked drummer Jeff D’Amore to perform with them for the remainder of the 2008 year, playing all around the Lehigh Valley.  By the end of the year 500 copies of “Fascists to Ashes” were sold and Dave decided to take a break from playing live, regroup and begin writing the next album.

HOPE-NOSISIn January of 2009, old friend and drummer Ryan Decker moved back to the Lehigh Valley after spending a few years in Colorado.  Dave decided to let Ryan join the band as the permanent drummer and they immediately began recording the next album in Dave and Myke’s home studio.  The new album only took six months to record, but it seemed to be a difficult and stressful experience, unlike the “Fascists to Ashes” sessions.  Since they had access to record and work on the album at any moment of the day at their home studio, this lack of separation added unnecessary complexity and stress to what should have been an overall joyous experience.  The album showcased the concussive drumming style of Ryan Decker and Dave’s evolving vocal ability.  The second album by THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES, titled “HOPE-NOSIS” was released in the summer of 2009.  Unfortunately for the band, soon after the album was released, Myke got an opportunity to move closer to the city.  This was an unexpected setback to the band but due to the fact that Myke was moving away to an area that was too far to continue playing regularly, they decided to part ways musically after nearly a decade of playing music together.  This was a disappointing time for Dave and Ryan as they now had this great new album, but no longer had a full band to perform the songs to a live audience.  They did not know what they were going to do and they had already had many live shows lined up in the coming weeks and they also didn’t have a clue as to who was going to take over the role of bass player.  Their luck would soon change however, and a few days later they got a call from friend, Nate Powell who proclaimed that he had learned every song on both albums and was interested in joining the band, without delay or hesitation.  Dave and Ryan knew this would be a challenge, but Nate’s motivation, drive and spirit reinvigorated them, and they immediately began practicing regularly in anticipation for the upcoming gigs.

Sooner than later, it was official, Nate Powell was the newest terrible and offered a new outlook to the band’s future.  Nate’s new blood mixed with his organizational abilities helped the band get right back on track and finish out the 2009 year performing all over the Tri-state area.  They had chemistry, this was it, this was the lineup that would fuel THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES to this very day, and beyond.  Little did they know what incredible opportunities were about to present themselves to them.

THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES with new bassist Nate Powell filmed and released a music video for an unreleased song they recorded in the winter called, “Dream of Dreams” with the help of director, Dylan Avery.  Dylan had already filmed a music video for “War” off of “Fascists to Ashes” and they were able to produce a professional music video with no budget in just a weekend.  The music video ushered in the new year of 2010 and gave the band great optimism about their future together.

Brian and Dave mixing at SMT StudiosSoon after the year began, Dave contacted friend and recording engineer, Brian Herman from SMT Studios in New York City about recording a new album there.  Dave never actually thought he would be able to record in such a pristine recording facility, but thanks to Brian’s generosity and willingness to take a chance with this unknown band, they began recording in May of 2010.  This recording experience would become one of the highlights of Dave’s entire life and it would push his musical career to giant new.  The band planned on recording the drum tracks in one weekend, but thanks to Ryan’s skill and dedication, they someone completed all the drum tracks in one single evening.  Dave, Ryan and Nate all performed live together in the studio to capture the drum tracks and they did not use a metronome.  This was different then how Dave was used to recording, since he always had to be the engineer.  This opened up a whole new world of possibilities and ideas.  He could finally relax and focus on the music, rather than take on the role of technician and engineer, which seem to distract him as he tried to express himself musically.  Never did Dave realize how much more enjoyable the recording experience could be when he did not have to be the engineer and technician.  This was what he had been waiting for, it was time to create the album he always wanted to make.


WE'RE NOT THE ONLY ONESThe new album took a little over a year to record, mix and master and although it took longer than any other recording Dave had ever done, it was by far, the most enjoyable, mind tickling experience he had ever had.  Thanks to the amazing talents of engineer, Brian Herman, together they experimented with all kinds of different sounds and sonic landscapes.  The album soon became a sort of opus, a message to the people of Earth, that this is just one of an infinite number of overlapping realities, that we are most likely just one of a billion other life forms, and that music is the ultimate universal language.  After many long nights working together, THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES and Brian finally completed the new album in May of 2011.  Titled, “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES” this album musically touches the deepest emotions of what it means to be human, and shines a spotlight on the age old question, are we alone in the Universe?  Fusing together progressive rock, experimentation, thought provoking samples and even an electronic remix of the title track, “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES” is by far the most ambitious musical piece that Dave has ever composed.  He has never felt more proud of anything in his life and in August 2011, the album was finally made available to the world.  THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES kicked off the release of the new album with a run of live performances all over the tri-state area, including two highly publicized gigs at the legendary, MusikFest.  They continued to perform all over throughout the remainder of the year.

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THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES are a unique and intensifying, 3 piece post-apocalyptic progressive rock band that pushes the boundaries through an array of compelling original songs dynamic sounds. Based out of Frenchtown, NJ. and The Lehigh Valley, PA., Front man Dave Cahill‘s blazing guitar work combined with his rhythmic and socially conscience lyrics, produce a passionate dimension of sound.  Alongside the creative and concussive grooves of drummer, Ryan Decker, and the solid and melodic bass attack of Nathan Powell, THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES, have launched an unforgettable and driving original sound.  Their relentless schedule of recording and performing has resulted in the release of three albums (“FASCISTS TO ASHES“, “HOPE-NOSIS” & “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES“), numerous tours and professional music videos, and contributions of original music to multiple film soundtracks.  THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES have also already begun work on their fourth original studio album, to be released in 2013.

Through their explosive live performances the band has been breaking ground in the local spotlight, gaining critical acclaim from audiences of all demographics, and has garnered the attention of producer Brian Herman from SMT Studios in Manhattan, resulting in their latest offering “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES“, released in August of 2011.

WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES” is an electrifying concept album that combines a variety of musical genres such as rock, jazz, punk and experimentation into a mind expanding musical piece that asks a lot of big questions about the Universe and our place in it.  Recorded with the help of producer, Brian Herman, this 13 track album is by far the band’s best and most ambitious effort thus far.  The album is available for purchase in digital format on iTunes, and physical copies can be purchased at the lives shows and on

THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES will be on tour for all of the 2012 year, performing a variety of shows in and around the tri-state area, including a performance in front of the film “Ghostbusters” for “The Soundtrack Comes Alive” series presented by ArtsQuest and the bands’ third performance at the 2012 MusikFest in Bethlehem, PA. on Sunday, August 12th at 3:30pm.

For more information on THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES and a complete live performance listing, as well as information on how to purchase the album, please visit“WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES” AVAILABLE now on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, WeAreChange and the band’s official website.


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