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10 Lehigh Valley area music acts to watch in 2016

"Future Shock" by Cahill vs. Kalma10 Lehigh Valley area music acts to watch in 2016

December 29, 2015 by Dustin Schoof

Local, homegrown music continues to flourish in the Lehigh Valley, while showing no signs of slowing down in the new year.

With inevitable snow and the bitter cold of winter looming on the horizon, the coming months will be prime time for local musicians and songwriters to hole up in the cozy confines of a recording studio and begin the process of creating and releasing new music.

Here are 10 local acts to keep an eye on in 2016:

DAVE CAHILL | The guitarist-vocalist and former Almighty Terribles frontman has lined up not one, but, two upcoming dates opening for nationally-recognized guitarist Tim Reynolds. (The latter is best known for his collaborations with Dave Matthews.) Cahill recently released the electrifying single, “Future Shock.” Between a promising solo career and his work with the band Hot 4 Robot — which includes fellow guitarist-vocalist Alex Radus — Cahill is poised to turn even more heads in 2016. davecahill.com

Frenchtown musician to open for Dave Matthews Band guitarist in Bucks County

Frenchtown musician to open for Dave Matthews Band guitarist in Bucks CountyFrenchtown musician to open for Dave Matthews Band guitarist in Bucks County

By Dustin Schoof / Lehigh Valley Live | February 2nd, 2015

Guitarist Dave Cahill will be the opening act for T3 when the group performs Feb. 22 at Havana Restaurant & Bar in New Hope, Bucks County.

T3 features Grammy Award-nominated multi-instrumentalist Tim Reynolds, known for his work with the Dave Matthews Band.

Cahill, of Frenchtown, is a frequent performer in the Lehigh Valley. In addition to performing solo, Cahill is a member of the band Hot4Robot and was the vocalist and guitarist for alternative rock trio The Almighty Terribles.

The Almighty Terribles are set to reunite for a one-off Feb. 20 concert at Pearly Baker’s Alehouse in Easton.

Terrible Name–Awesome Band – The Valley Beat Review

The Almighty Terribles: WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES
Terrible Name–Awesome Band
By Jason E.R. Hedrington

The Almighty Terribles were obviously infused with a sense of humor, irony or self-depreciation to pin such a label on themselves, for this guitar power trio and their activist Truth Movement messages are anything but terrible.

Their live shows are the aural assault of madmen on a righteous mission–a mix of guitarist and brainchild (songwriter, producer, album artwork) Dave Cahill’s metal showmanship and Adrian Belew-esque squeals fueled by the airtight bashing polyrhythm drum work of Ryan Decker (who often delivers as a Neil Peart disciple) and bassist Nathan Powell who stands rock solid as The Terrible’s own John Entwistle feeding the melody and foundation beneath the cozmik chaos.

Dave handed me WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES at a recent show. My curiosity to see if their live fireworks could transfer to the studio was multiplied after gazing at the dark CD layout with its mix of brain, nebula, fractal geometry and TV-digitization images taking eyeball and human form. That curiosity was multiplied ever further by the fact that the Terribles had recorded, mixed and mastered the album in NYC–a move that proves not just seriousness and dedication of craft but a willingness to load their political messages into their rebel ship and fly directly into the heart of the Death Star to produce their product.

My curiosity was soon quenched with the noise-guitar loops and Punk-meets-Prog drive of opening track “Algorithm.” And with more brainiac titles like “Methodology,” “Optical” and “Immunity,” The Terribles have higher-mindedness at work here. Especially when track 3, “Blood for Fuel,“ begins with a FEMA camp soundbite and a dedication to “all our We Are Change brothers and sisters around the world.” When Cahill sings “soldiers lay down your arms and open your minds…your blood is the fuel–the war machine can’t run without you” and then turns to us to warn of the TV “they call it programming for a reason,” he is sounding the cavalry call–wake up! Rebel Rock is here to save you from The Matrix.

The album trades extended live jams for blistering power bites of knowledge. The experimental guitar solos are still here but come in rapid-fire mode, for the mission is more THE MESSAGE instead of the music.

But that’s not to say the high-musicianship doesn’t shine through. It’s just finely crafted to put the priority in the proper place: educate the public to various atrocities of our leaders and lead the charge in turning this ship of fools around.

Plus, in tunes like “Escape,” The Terribles still know how to bring the fist-pumping groove rock. They are also not beyond pausing for some love within the troubles of the world in the beautifully crafted “Medicine” which showcases Cahill’s many guitar talents: sweeping acoustic finger picking, tight riffing and melodic noise. Fast forward to “Loaded Gun” and feast your ears on a cornucopia musical mash-up.

With a short total running time (the 13 tracks average a radio-ready 3.5 minutes each) and seamless genre-jumping like Clash-worthy ska elements in “Something Ain’t right” and the power poppy “Tongue tied” which sounds like The Smithereens meeting System of a Down, WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES is easy to get through despite its heavy music and heavy messages–including the title track tackling the UFO phenomenon.

The Terribles bring the noise this weekend at the truth and freedom festival FREEDOMPALOOZA (check it and other activist acts out at www.freedompalooza.com), and the album, lyrics and song previews are available at www.thealmightyterribles.com which states they are already working on the next album. So now’s the time to catch this “Post-Apocalyptic Progressive Rock” band hitting its stride.

The Almighty Terribles perform an original live soundtrack to Ghostbusters!

The Almighty Terribles perform an original live soundtrack to Ghostbusters!

Written by Ryan from ProtonCharging.com (April 18th, 2012.)


They had jumpsuits and original foam proton packs! A light weight alternative definitely needed while playing instruments.

When you combine the post-apocalyptic stylings of progressive rock band The Almighty Terribles with the pre-apocalyptic story of Ghostbusters, you’re bound to get something special. And the Almighty Terribles provided an experience that went beyond special.

They came into a packed house with Proton Packs made of foam, jumpsuits and an LED lit up guitar. Providing avant-garde sound effects, original music and the theme song, the Almighty Terribles brought something new to something that they all love.

“We all grew up with,” shared drummer Ryan Decker. “Its just one of those movies that we understood and in a way changed our lives.”

“[Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema] asked us to do ‘Soundtrack Comes Alive,’” frontman Dave Cahill stated, “and we wanted to do a movie with something with characters and this is the first thing that came to mind.” It was a mutual agreement right away for them, as they got their plan ready that involved packs, jumpsuits and a soundtrack listing that would work best with the film. “We wanted to get cases of Ecto-Cooler for the audience, but we didn’t have enough time.”

Their set list included some of their own songs such as “Banshee” and “Bomb in the Bedroom,” as well the Ghostbusters theme song and “Saving the Day.” “We knew right away that we had to do the theme song,” Cahill said.

When deciding what song to place where, bassist, Nathan Powell, said right away, “I thought that was the easiest part!”

The Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema, part of the ArtsQuest Center in Bethleham, PA, has had experience with performances like this in the past. Ryan Hill, Programming Manager of the theater, spoke about the “Soundtrack Comes Alive” program at the theater. The Almighty Terribles’ Ghostbusters performance is the fifth in the series, following Point Break, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City, and Baraka.

“The Almighty Terribles approached me with Ghostbusters,” Hill says. “If a band picks a movie, they’re passionate with it.”

The Almighty Terribles’ Dave Cahill discusses reinventing the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack

The Almighty Terribles’ Dave Cahill discusses reinventing the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack

By Dustin Schoof | The Express-Times (April 13, 2012)

If you sense something strange in your neighborhood, don’t reach for the telephone. Restless spirits won’t be the ones making noise.

Frenchtown-based rock trio The Almighty Terribles will perform live during a 10:30 p.m. screening of “Ghostbusters” on Saturday night at Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas inside the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem.

“It’s been a lot of thought and work into this. We’re excited to do it,” says singer/guitarist Dave Cahill. “We wanted to do the soundtrack, incorporate parts of it. It’s very, very ’80s.”

Cahill says the band plans to put their own spin on the film’s soundtrack, including reworked versions of their own original tunes. He says the group — rounded out by bassist Nathan Powell and drummer Ryan Decker — also plans on suiting up for the occasion, with proton packs possibly included.

“We got some custom-made material for the show to make it seem authentic, you could say,” Cahill says. “I think it’s going to be really good.”

Cahill says the band first started kicking around the idea about a year ago, but didn’t realize the complexity of putting on such a performance until they started rehearsing.

“To me, it was funny how challenging it was. It seemed like such an easy idea (at first), but it was definitely a challenge,” Cahill says. “It’s been quite a journey since we started talking about this a year ago, to coming down to the one show.”

Cahill says in preparing for the show, he was surprised at how well the film held up.

“I forgot how funny the dialogue is. Watching it over and over, I still laugh at some of the stuff they say,” Cahill says. “When you’re a kid, you miss all that.”

Tickets for “Soundtrack Comes Alive” cost $13 and $10.

For more information, call 610-332-3378 or visit artsquest.org/film.

…The Almighty Terribles prove originality is not dead

…The Almighty Terribles prove originality is not dead

On “We’re Not the Only Ones,” Frenchtown-based The Almighty Terribles concoct a potent hybrid of funk, hard rock, punk and jam music — the results of which sound like the musical equivalent of a back alley rumble between the members of Incubus and Moe.

The Terribles’ strength lies in the laser-guided precision of their instrumentation — at times sounding off-the-cuff yet terse and intricately connected. Singer/guitarist Dave Cahill lays down slabs of distorted guitar crunch, complemented by a tight and bouncy rhythm section — rounded out by bassist Nathan Powell and drummer Ryan Decker — that keeps the momentum of the album chugging along at a brisk and even pace.

On “Don’t You Know,” Cahill offers up one of several ridiculously catchy guitar hooks that will stay with you long after the album comes to a close. Another fretboard workout comes later on in the opening riff to “How Could You.” Powell and Decker push the album along with a heavy, in-the-pocket swing on “Blood for Fuel” and “Escape.”

With “Ones,” the Terribles deliver an overall solid and well-crafted album that proves originality in music is still very much alive.

– Dustin Schoof / The Express Times(August 20, 2011)

A “Terrible ” time with Dave Cahill – The Elucidator

A “Terrible ” time with Dave Cahill

RW: What can you tell me more about the latest album?”

Photo by Brian HewittDave Cahill: “We’re Not The Only Ones is a hopeful call for peace and unity on this planet and all the others. I am sure that we are not the only ones, and that this current reality is just a small slice of what is actually real. It wasn’t until I realize how truly small we are that I found pure happiness and love for everything around me.”

“Brian Herman and I are putting the final touches on it now. Brian is a true genius at what he does, I am sure he would disagree if he knew I said that, but believe me, it’s true. I have spent the majority of my life recording music, and this project by far was the most enjoyable, experimental, and mind altering experience I have ever had. It is as if we tapped into another dimension somewhere, and listened to the music they had and took some of it home with us. It is hard to describe this all in words, but I can honestly say, my life has been forever changed after recording this album. It’d kind of like a near death experience packed into wave of audio. I cannot wait to begin the next album. I cannot wait to do this forever.”

“…RW: Any thoughts on how this album will be received?”

Dave Cahill: I never thought I would experience the feeling I have while listening to these final mixes. I feel empowered and joyful that we were able to create something so powerful, so beautiful and really capture the late night metaphysical experiences we lived through. I hope people all over the world get to hear this album. I am also going to be beaming the album into space with radio waves at the speed of light, hoping that someone out there will hear it. Or perhaps, when we die, we just wake up on another world somewhere else. In that case, perhaps I will be able to recapture this work in the next life. If there were no other life beyond, it seems like it would be a terrible waste of space. Of course life in the Universe is abundant, but really this experience we are having right now is just a hologram, there is no end to what we don’t know. We have much to learn and I hope we make it through the growing pains of being human. Only a very small portion of nuclear weapons must be detonated before everything is washed away, as if it never happened. Everyone you ever knew, every song ever written, every paint-stroke, every novel, poem, letter, conversation would be wiped from existence in an instant, forever. Of course, no one wants this, but we need to be ready to fight until our last breath to prevent it, it is our destiny to travel to the stars and share our stories with the others out there. We Are Not The Only Ones.”

– The Elucidator (May 31, 2011)

10 Things To Do This Week

“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Almighty Terribles rock. If you don’t believe us, tonight is as good a time as any to become a convert to the house of Terribles”

– Express Times / Lehigh Valley Live

THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES, a trio with big sound – The Easton Irregular

“THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES, a trio with big sound, thanks to band leader Dave Cahill’s guitar wizardry and passionate lyricism. One of Cahill’s many talents is his capable guitar skills; he may have drawn influences in Tim Reynolds and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but he has forged a sound all his own, which is a feat in its own. Very knowledgeable in music technology, Cahill backs himself up with his own recording when playing solo. This band played raw, with no filters or cares. Cahill sings with big, important things in mind: the government, injustice and the like.

Check out their website for an awesome music video for “Dream of Dreams” – we should all be so proud that this kind of thing is the product of our local music talent! And yes, if you were wondering – that was Pearly Baker’s own Nate Powell, on bass with THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES.”

– The Easton Irregular Feb 2010

Terribly Good at The Funhouse – Pulse Weekly

“Terribly Good at The Funhouse…THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES are a cool power trio mix of alt rock, punk rock, and reggae-funk. They have shades of The Clash, complete with socio-political lyrics, but with flashier guitar playing. I saw them at Lupo’s a few weeks ago and immediately became a fan. While there are strong songs on their latest CD Hope-nosis, their live show is where it’s at.

Guitarist Dave Cahill is from Asbury, NJ and calls his style “gypsy prog rock”, and that’s a good a description as any for this unique band. Bassist Nate Powell and drummer Ryan Decker are both Easton residents and are excellent, as well.

Do yourself a favor and check out these guys on YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. Don’t miss the interesting, pro-quality short films that go with several of their songs. See them this Saturday, Jan. 30 at The Funhouse in Bethlehem, and Feb 13 at Pearly Baker’s in Easton.”

– Blake Dannen (Blake’s Picks) in Pulse Weekly, Jan. 27, 2010